Airconsole TS 4N

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The Airconsole 4N port Terminal (Device) Server designed for 24/7 in-rack operation. Built in WIFI, 10/100 Ethernet and Bluetooth connectivity provides access to serial ports via Web terminal, SSH, Telnet or virtual COM port mapping. Flexible configuration allows further 4 port kits to be added to expand to 8 or 12 ports. Powered via USB Power (2.5m USB to microUSB cable and AC power adaptor included). Optional PoE kit (available September). Light weight and easy velcro mounting.

– Flexible

Expand serial ports via clip-on 4 Port Kits modules, Built in WIFI and Wired connectivity
One small package supports both Wired and WIFI (802.11n) connectivity
Start with 4 ports and add upto 12 ports through slide on 4 port modules
Cisco console pinout but DB9 and DB25 adaptors also available
IP and/or Bluetooth connectivity (Note Bluetooth allows single port access at a time)
– Small Size
Zero U, fits into your existing overcrowded racks
Light enough to attach with Velcro anywhere and everywhere
External 5V power options – power from anything in rack or use external USB power adaptor, or PoE
– Enterprise ready – Yet works with Tablets and Smartphones
Full SNMP Monitoring
Firewall friendly – full user control of the TCP ports used by various features
SSH security for session and device access
Integrates with external Radius or TACACS Authentication servers
Works natively with PC, Mac, Android and iOS devices
Built in Web Terminal – direct terminal access with just a web browser and no plugins required
Integrates with Airconsole Enterprise Server (Cloud or User Self Hosted)
– Cloud Connected
Auto-tunnelled and concurrent connection to Cloud (Airconsole Enterprise Server)
Concurrently can support a local serial port connection and tunnel same serial port to cloud service for remote access
Supports Remote NOC operations – Aggregate thousands of serial ports into a single Airconsole Enterprise Server
Included licenses for Airconsole Enterprise Server option – nothing more to buy to manage thousands of units
– Low Cost – from just $21/port
Compare to Digi, Perle, Moxa, Opengear pricing typically at $50-100+ per port
Other Centralised Management / Aggregation Server typically $$$ thousands extra (if offered at all)
Low TCO via template-able configuration, OTA firmware upgrades, simple user interface, built in web terminal
Whats in the Box
– Airconsole TS head unit in Cradle

– 4 ports kit (slides onto head unit)

– Airconsole Bluetooth USB Adaptor (installs in USB female port of 4 port Serial kit)

– USB to MicroUSB power cable 2.5m.

– Power Adaptor 110-240V AC to 5V 1A DC USB out.

– Client License card for redemption of Airconsole Enterprise Server

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