Consultancy Advice

Consultancy Services

Kruyswijk-ICT Services has fully certified network engineers who we place at our clients for the execution of various consultancy assignments. In the overview Below you will find some of the working areas.

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Reliable Advice

In a world of complex and cluttered connections, countless (new) techniques and unprecedented possibilities are increasingly demanding data networks and security. Kruyswijk-ICT helps you to make these high demands by providing reliable advice in the areas of security, routing and switching, low latency and data center networks.

Security Advice

We give you independent advice on various network and security techniques, both in the design phase of a project and in projects that have already been realised. We test the original design, see if the new technologies that have just come on the market are actually suitable for your organization and determine whether the recommended hardware will indeed give you the performance gains that you are being given. We recommend how you can provide your network infrastructure with the right security that meets a good mix of safety and usability.

Implementation of network Monitoring tools

Network Monitoring tools give you more insight into the state and latency of your network, even at times when you are not there. With these tools, which provide the mogeability to create risk, safety and trend analyses, a reactive organization transforms into a proactive organization. We are happy to help you determine your requirements and together with you, we will put together a combination of tools to make the necessary data available.

Design Network Infrastructure

Your network is a crucial part of your business and there are countless possibilities and techniques. We are happy to help you with practical solutions so that you get a safe and reliable network connection. At your request, we make a technical design of your network infrastructure in the form of a project proposal. You decide whether you want us to carry out this proposal.

Network analysis

For problems within your network, we can perform a network analysis for you. By performing measurements we see what the bottlenecks are and report them. Together with you, possible solutions are discussed and elaborated in an opinion.

Security scans and risk analysis of your current environment

To determine how secure your network is and how vulnerable you are to attacks from inside or outside, we can perform various security scans, such as:

  • Penetration Testing
  • Social Engineering
  • Ethical hacking

Upon completion of the tests, you will receive a report with any weaknesses present and an advice on how to improve them.

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