Airconsole is an innovative application that becomes use for active monitoring and managing network equipment. Airconsole uses a physical console access. You can easily connect an adapter to the network device and you can access the terminal app.

Airconsole supports SSHv2, Telnet, Scripting, TFTP Server, full logging and integration with Dropbox, iCloud, and instantaneous screen sharing (a very simple and cost-efficient management application).
Airconsole’s portfolio consists of four components. The details are elaborated in the following paragraphs.

Air console 2.0 adapters
Air console TS Device Server
Apps for iOS and Android
Enterprise Server Air Console
Kruyswijk-ICT BV is an authorized partner of Get-Console and provides support to the products from the Netherlands. This ensures a local partner to assist you in implementation, design and support.

Airconsole’s Portfolio
Air console adapters
Airconsole adapters allow you to connect modern devices to traditional and USB serial ports on industrial, network, home automation and other equipment. You no longer need specific cabling and converters.

Airconsole 2.0 is a portable RS232 Serial over WIF and Bluetooth adapter and is designed for use with the apps on iOS and Android. Also suitable for use on the desktop with Windows, MacOSx and Linux. Airconsole provides easy and flexible access to physical serial and Ethernet ports from devices that support ONLY WI-Fi and Bluetooth by default.

The installation and use are very simple. You connect the portable Airconsole to the port of the equipment and the Airconsole will sign in to the management software by means of an automatic tunnel.

Delivers all-in-one serial connectivity via Wifi, Wired Ethernet and Bluetooth 4 (Low Energy)
Includes web terminal client
Connect to RS232, DB9, DB25, DEX, Cisco serial console (RJ45 and USB), Serial over USB
Small and light (63 grams) and does it for many hours on the battery or permanently with power over USB
Very fast. Ready to use within 10 seconds
Use as a wireless AP, AP client, or combination. Can also be used as a bridge between Wi-Fi and wired Ethernet

Air console TS Device Server
The Airconsole TS Device Server is designed to unlock various types of (network) devices with a single Airconsole unit using serial access. Perfect to use in a data center rack and for mobile (M2M) applications because it does not include a rack unit and is powered by the power adaptor or optional PoE.

You can then connect the different (network) devices by expanding the TS Device Server with modules (each 4 serial ports). These modules are very easy to scroll on the TS Device Server.

The Airconsole TS is designed for use in demanding Enterprise environments. This is reflected in a solid design and very low failure rates. The overview below gives an impression of the specifications.

Based on open standards, so no vendor lock-in
Compatible with existing management systems
Console access via SSH, Telnet, built-in web terminal
Full SNMP monitoring
Low energy consumption and hardly takes up space
Modular to expand per 4 ports
Velcro mounting system is included
Native support for Windows, MacOS, ioS and Android
Integration with Airconsole Enterprise Server (license included)

Airconsole Engineer editions (portable)

Air console MINI 2.0

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Bluetooth / 802.11n Wifi / Wired Ethernet RS232 serial adapter
  • External microUSB power supply allows continuous use
  • Web terminal and remote access

Airconsole PRO 2.0

  • 4 hour battery life
  • Auto-discovery
  • Special M2M mode
  • Control over baud rate
  • AP client and AP infrastructure modes
  • Tunneling serial port to Enterprise Server

Airconsole Standard 2.0

  • Low costs
  • Battery powered
  • For example, for direct connection to console ports of switches

Airconsole XL 2.0

  • Most advanced Airconsole adapter
  • 12 hours battery life
  • Specifications further like the Pro version



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